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Computing Facility

The Computer Centre at ACE offers computational facilities to fulfil the curricular needs of students and staff. The centre is equipped with high end Computers. Students and staff work under networked environment and the campus is provided with a Wi-Fi internet connection. The centre is enriched in all the software and operating systems. All the major software and hardware platforms have made available to the faculty and students. The Computer Centre develops and maintains college websites and Servers, and Email facilities to faculty and staff. The Centre remains open from 09.00AM on weekdays. It maintains computers and other IT infrastructure of the college. The Centre is also responsible for the management of Inter and intranet communications. New hardware and software are procured on a regular basis so as to provide a state of the art computing facility to the staff and students. To cope with the power cuts and to provide maximum uptime to the users, computer Centre is powered by 10KVA capacity UPS systems backed with adequate generator supply.