News Updates
  • 21-01-2019 :   ...

1. Aiswaria K R,  Geo George, Maneesha Murali, Nimitha K,  Sangeetha B under the guidance of Blessy Rapheal, Assistant Professor,ECE Dept. published a paper titled“Reversible Image Data Hiding with Contrast Enhancement”  based on their project work in International Journal of Engineering and Management Research (IJEMR). In this work a novel method for reversible data hiding algorithm for digital image is proposed.



2. Dhrisya Krishnan, Junaid T M, Rinju Saji, and Shilpa Chandran (Guided by Ms Ashilly N,Assistant Professor, ECE dept.) is published in IJEMR under the title “Manifold Error Recognition and Modification




3. The paper titled “IoT based Heart Attack Detection and Alert system” was published by Ajitha U, Aswathi P A, Aswathi Sasidharan, Muhammed Salman V A, Vishnu Anand (Guided by Ms. Asha Arvind, Assistant Professor, ECE dept.) based on their final year project work.