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KTU_BTech_Mechanical Engineering_Question Papers_Semester 3 to 8


Semester 3
Sub Code Subject Name Jan-17 Jun-17 Dec-17 Apr-18 Dec-18 Jun-19 Dec-19 Jun-20 Dec-20 Jun-21
Linear Algebra & Complex Analysis
ME201 Mechanics of Solids            
ME203  Mechanics of Fluids            
ME205  Thermodynamics            
Metallurgy & Materials Engg.
HS200 Business Economics            
HS210 Life Skills            
Semester 4
Sub Code Subject Name Jun-17 Apr-18 Jun-18              
MA202 Probability Distributions, Transforms and Numerical Methods                
MA204 Probability, Random Processes and Numerical Methods                
ME202 Advanced Mechanics of Solids                
ME204 Thermal Engineering                
ME206 Fluid Machinery                
ME220 Manufacturing Technology                


Semester 5
Sub Code Subject Name Dec-17 Apr-18 Nov-18 Jun-19 Dec-19 Jun-20 Dec-20 Jun-21 Dec-21 Jun-22
Electrical Drives & Control for Automation 
(AU, ME)
ME301 Mechanics of Machinery  (ME, MP, PE)                
ME303  Machine Tools And Digital Manufacturing 
 (IE, ME)

Computer Programming & Numerical Methods, (MA, ME, MP, PE)

ME367  Non-Destructive Testing                  
Semester 6
Sub Code Subject Name Apr-18 Dec-18 Apr-19 Dec-19 Apr-20 Jun-20 Dec-20 Jun-21 Dec-21 Jun-22
MA302  Heat and Mass Transfer (MA, ME, AU)                  
ME304 Dynamics of Machinery (ME, MP, AU, PE)                  
ME306  Advanced Manufacturing Technology (ME)                  
ME308 Computer Aided Design and Analysis (MA, ME, MP, PE)                  
ME312 Metrology and Instrumentation (ME, MP, PE)                  
ME352 Comprehensive Exam(ME)     -            
ME368 Marketing Management                
ME376 Maintenance Engineering