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College Uniform & Dress Code

Students should come to the college in proper dress code (uniform of the College)during working hours. They will not be permitted to attend the classes, laboratory practical, enter the library and computer centre and transact any business with the college office without wearing college uniforms with identity card (ID card) properly displayed. Students should wearCollege uniform on all formal occasions like Placement activities, important college functions viz seminars, workshops, Annual Convocation etc.

Dress Code for Girls

  1. Formal 3/4 sleeve shirt with overcoat and pants.(Click here to download overcoat sketch)
  2. Black cut shoe made of leather with dark shade socks.
  3. Identity Cards should be properly displayed on the chest.
  4. Hair styles are expected to be neat, tidy and well groomed.
  5. Girls are discouraged from wearing jewelry in the campus. If worn, they should be simple and modest and should avoid fancy items like multiple and dangling ear rings etc.
  6. Body piercing or tattoos are not acceptable.


Dress Code for Boys

  1. Formal half sleeve shirt and pants. Shirt must be tucked in.
  2. Black belt with conventional box frame or plate style for buckles. The end of the belt should not be allowed to hang down from the belt loops.
  3. Formal well polished black shoe with dark shade socks.
  4. Identity Cards should be properly displayed on the chest.
  5. Boys should not wear caps, ear rings, metal chains, wrist bands and 'other such accessories.
  6. Hairstyles expected to be neat, tidy and sensible. Weird hairstyles and long hair below shirt collar are not acceptable.
  7. Mustaches must be trimmed and well groomed or else clean shaven.
  8. Beards are not acceptable.
  9. Body piercing or tattoos are not acceptable.


Both stiched and cloth materials are supplied from the college store. Only the supplied material should be used for stitching uniform. Torn, ragged, or soiled uniforms should not be worn. Identity Card will be issued from the College.Students should strictly follow the college dress code and violation of the same will invite disciplinary action and /or fine by the college.HODs and other Faculty members are empowered to insist the dress code of the students.