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Personalised Attention


A group-advisory system is implemented in the College for the benefit of the students. A staff member will be in charge of a batch of 30 students. On admission to the College, each student will be assigned to a Group Tutor from the concerned department.Faculty member assigned to the group counsel them on their academic and personal concerns. The students at ACE will never feel away from home. If they encounter any problem in their academics or personal / emotional problems group tutors and counselling department will be there for the help of such students.  The Group Advisor keeps the records of all academic and extracurricular activities of the students under his/her guidance.

All the details regarding the group of students are maintained by the Group Advisor. The system is intended to give advice and guidance to the students in all curricular and extracurricular matters. The students can meet the Advisor to discuss their personal and academic problems.Special emphasis is given on problem solving, sustained disciplined work, practical application of conceptual knowledge.