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Electronics & Communication Engineering

The Electronics and Communication industries continue to be the major growth areas both in India and worldwide and offer excellent job opportunities. What you will study reflects the wide diversity of communication and data transmission technologies which we all accept as a vital part of our everyday lives from traditional radio, telegraphy and microwave systems to the state of the art optical, satellite and cellular (mobile) communication systems.  Electronic Engineers and Technicians undertake the design, implementation and manufacture of a wide variety of sophisticated electronic and communication technologies. The demand for electronic engineers and technicians is very high and jobs are almost the highest paid in the engineering sector.

ACE's Electronics & Communication Engineering department exists ever since the inception of the college in the year 2010. The department helps students to enhance their knowledge and skills which they can apply in their professional life. In addition, students are well prepared to accept challenges of the domain. Successfully completing the B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering program equips students for a career or pursuing a higher degree or research.