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Hostel Rules

1. Hostel Rules

  1. All Hostellers of the hostels are required to adhere to the rules and regulations of the hostel. Any breach of rule will invite disciplinary actions against the hosteller.

 2. Hostel Allotment

  1. Hostel accommodation is not compulsory for newly admitted first year Hostellers. Hostel allotment will be done on First-come- First serves basis. The decision of the management in this regard will be final and Hostellers cannot make any request/ representations, once a decision has been taken.
  2. A Hosteller seeking admission has to apply for the hostel accommodation in a prescribed form available in the Admission Section / Warden. All Hostellers allotted hostel accommodation by the college management is required to deposit their full hostel fees before allocation of a room in the hostel.
  3. Senior Hostellers should however, apply for hostel accommodation during registration of odd semester only. They are required to fill up the prescribed application form for re-admission to the hostel, providing appropriate information. The management will be free to fix minimum eligibility criteria for readmission such as marks as well as attendance in the previous years. However, re-admission cannot be claimed as a matter of right and may be denied as a matter of rule.
  4. The allotment of room to senior Hostellers would, however, depend upon the availability of rooms after allotment to newly admitted Hostellers.
  5. The Hostel accommodation for the Hostellers would be on Academic Year basis subject to renewal based on their academic performance and good conduct in the hostel in particular. However, the Hostel accommodation for 2nd year onwards cannot be guaranteed and would depend upon the availability of the rooms. The duration of the hostel stay will account from the 1st day of the Academic year up to the last day of the Academic year.
  6. No Hosteller is allowed to exchange his/her room.
  7. For annual repairs and stock keeping, the hostellers are required to vacate their rooms after their annual examination. They are advised to leave only after properly handing over the possession of the rooms, furniture, fixtures etc. back to Asst Warden or to any other officer designated for the purpose. However, they may leave their belongings in the common room, earmark for this purpose at their own risk.

 3. General Rules and Discipline Pertaining to the Hostel

  1. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited. It constitutes an act of gross indiscipline and any person found involved in such an activity will be subjected to appropriate action from heavy fine to rustication/expulsion from the college.
  2. Hostellers are expected to behave with due regards for the comforts and convenience of other colleagues. They should not speak loudly which is liable to disturb others.
  3. Burning of crackers, howling, screaming etc is strictly prohibited.
  4. It shall be ensured by all Hostellers that they do not get involved in fighting among themselves, peer or with juniors. In case such incidents are brought to the management, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against defaulters.
  5. No hosteller should get involved in any argument/ heated exchanges with the security and supporting staff. In case of any complaint against them, they should register the same in the register kept with Warden for this purpose giving their full details and identity.
  6. Gambling, betting, playing of cards etc are not permitted in the hostel.
  7. Hostel telephones (coin box) are available to hostellers for making and receiving telephone calls at specified times.
  8. Any hostel rooms can be inspected by the authorities at any time.
  9. No private party shall be organized by any Hosteller in the hostel.
  10. The Management reserves its right to cancel admission of undeserving Hostellers without giving any reason.
  11. The Management reserves its right to increase the hostel fee, if necessary.
  12. No Hosteller shall use the service of a hostel staff for personal work even on payment.
  13. Notwithstanding the above clauses, the decision of the Principal/ Management will be final in all cases.

 4. Working Time

  1.  Working days for College will also be a working day for hostel.
  2. No Hosteller will be allowed to enter in the hostel after 6.30 P.M. unless he/she is permitted by the authority to do so for specific reasons.
  3. Hostellers who are not feeling well/sick should inform to the Resident Warden before 8.30AM on all college working days.
  4. Check In and Checkout should be properly entered in the register with the Asst Warden / security personnel.
  5. Hostellers will not be entertained in the hostel during college working hours. If there is any necessity, the same should be permitted by Class in charge & HOD and to be informed to the Asst Warden.

 5. Holidays

  1. All Hostellers have to seek the written permission of the Warden / Resident Warden for going to their homes or to their local guardians in case of emergency or need.
  2. If any Hosteller is found missing from the hostel without the permission from the Warden/ Resident Warden, he/she will be severely dealt with disciplinary action with financial penalty to expulsion from the hostel.

 6. Study Holidays

  1. Hostellers must report and take permission from Warden / Resident Warden if they wish to stay in hostel during study holidays.
  2. Permission for going home or to their Local Guardian
  3. All Hostellers have to seek Leave from the Warden / Resident Warden for going to their homes or to their local guardian in case of emergency or need.
  4. Leave sanctioned for absence from the College does not mean leave from the hostel. Leave from the hostel for one or more days must be got approved from the Hostel Resident Warden.
  5. Leave should be personally secured before it is availed of.
  6. Hostellers absenting themselves from the hostel without getting the leave sanctioned before hand by the Warden / Resident Warden will be severely dealt with disciplinary action with financial penalty to expulsion from the hostel.

 7. Outing

  1. The date, time and duration of outing will be issued separately by the Chief Warden / Warden / Resident Warden and at such time and date only the Hosteller can go out of the College Campus.
  2. The complete list of Hostellers going for outing should be handed over to the Asst Warden and the same should be get approved from Warden / Resident Warden.
  3. The Hosteller should be checked-in to the hostel well before the reporting time meant for outing; otherwise disciplinary action will be initiated including cancellation of the next outing.

 8. Visitors

  1. No guest / visitor are allowed in the Hostel premises. Parents will not be allowed in the hostel premises or will not be allowed to enter in to the hostel rooms.
  2. If there is any visitor, they can meet them at the designated “Visitors Room” near the front gate after taking written permission from the Asst Warden during the visitor’s time.
  3. Only parents / brother(s) / sister (s) or local guardian mentioned at the time of admission will be allowed as visitors.
  4. If the visitor(s) wish to handover any gifts / items to the Hosteller, it should be handed over to the Hosteller only through the security personnel at the main gate.
  5.  Only the concerned Hosteller called by the visitors will be allowed to meet the visitors.

 8. Night Roll Call

  1. The night roll-call will be taken by the Asst Warden at 7:00 PM. Every Hosteller must be present in his/her room to avoid inconvenience for taking the roll-call.
  2. A Hosteller absent at the time of roll call is liable to a fine to be fixed by the Warden / Resident Warden.
  3. After roll-call no Hosteller is allowed to leave the hostel but if an emergency arises, he/she must inform the Resident Warden of his/her block who in turn will inform the Warden.

 9. Mess / Dining

  1. The Food/ Tea/ Coffee/ Snacks etc will be served only at the specified timings.
  2. Hostellers will not be entertained in the mess hall other than the specified mess timings.
  3. Food is not allowed to be taken out of the dining hall.
  4. The Hostellers are advised that they take only the required amount of food to avoid wastage.
  5. Hostellers must clean the plate/glass themselves after the food and place the same in respective places.
  6. Meals are prepared as per the menu decided by the Management. No change will be permitted unless decided by the Authorities.
  7. All Hostellers should be courteous to the mess staff.
  8. If a Hosteller does not want to take breakfast, lunch, dinner in the hostel he shall have to inform the same to the Asst Warden.

 10. Recreation / Reading Room

  1. Recreation / Reading Room will be opened only during the specified time.
  2. All the items (News papers/Magazines/Caroms board/ Chess) should be used carefully and placed back in the respective places.
  3. Hostellers are not allowed to play any kind of sports in the room.

 11. Silent Time

  1. Hostellers must be in their respective rooms during Silent Time.
  2. Hostellers should not create any sort of disturbance during the silent time in the room / Corridor.

12. Medical Facility in the Hostel

  1. Every case of illness and accident must be reported to the Asst Warden / Resident Warden immediately.
  2. Hostellers are provided free first aid service in the hostel and some common medicines will be available with the Asst Warden. If needed the Hosteller will be shifted to the hospitals nearby for providing the medical facilities.
  3. Hospitalization cost to be borne by the Hosteller.
  4. Hostellers suffering from any contagious diseases will not be allowed to stay in the hostel.
  5. The Management will not be responsible for any mishap.

 13. Usage of Electricity & Water

  1. All Hostellers shall ensure that lights / fans are switched off when not in use.
  2. Hostellers are warned against tampering with electric installations and for all electric repairs the electrician should be called in.
  3. Electrical appliances like room heaters, electrical kettles, electric irons, stove, hot plate, and heater or immersion rod are not permitted for use in the hostel. If detected, the same will be confiscated and suitable penalty will be imposed.
  4. No Hosteller is permitted to prepare tea or cooking of any food items in the room.
  5. In case of power shedding, every effort will be made to restore power through generator only during designated timings.

 14. Laundry and Ironing

  1. College will not provide any provisions for Laundry and Ironing and Hostellers must arrange their own ways for the same.

 15. Furniture & Equipment

  1. Every Hosteller is provided with a chair, a fixed table, coat, bed and a pillow. Hosteller will be responsible for the items given to him/her. Furniture is not to be removed from one room to another.
  2. All Hostellers should ensure that the furniture items issued to them for their use in Hostel rooms are used with proper care. If any furniture is damaged, the concerned Hosteller shall be fined accordingly. Individuals responsible for damage to hostel property shall be required to make good for the loss caused by paying toward the repairs/ replacement of the damaged items. In case the defaulter is not traced, collective penalty would be imposed to make good for the losses.

 16. Dress

  1. While visiting the dining hall, the common rooms, the Hostellers should be in their proper dress.
  2. Incase the Hostellers use Library / Computer Lab or take part in any other academic activities after college working hours / college holidays they should be dressed neatly. The persons in charge of such facilities can deny their entry, if they found that they are not properly dressed.

 17. Cleanliness

  1. General cleaning of rooms, common areas, and toilets will be taken up by the house keeping staffs. If the rooms to be cleaned by the house keeping staff, the same should be marked in the register provided and the room key to be handed over to the Asst Warden.
  2. However, all Hostellers shall ensure that not only their rooms are kept neat and clean and in orderly fashion but the entire hostel premises remain absolutely clean and in hygienic condition. Any waste paper, plastic bags etc. should be thrown in the dustbins provided for the purpose.
  3. Hostellers must use toilets available in their allotted floor only.
  4. To maintain the cleanliness and decorum in the hostel, no hosteller should hang their dress for drying in the living/ common areas visible from roadside. Back yard open spaces could be used for the purpose effectively.
  5. No Posters etc. should be put up anywhere, either on rooms or in lobbies.
  6. Throwing of water, colour etc on one another and on the walls / property of the hostel is strictly prohibited.
  7. Walls, furniture and doors should not be defaced with pencil or chalk marks.

 18. Personal items / Usage of Electronic / Electrical Gadgets

  1. Hostellers should not keep any costly items, jewellery etc. in their rooms. Management shall not be responsible for loss of any such items.
  2. Mobile phones will be allowed only at specified timings and the usage will be according to the guidelines issued from time to time. Multimedia mobile phones will not be entertained and only base model can be used in the Hostel.
  3. Music systems, Laptops, Digital camera, Iron Box, Electric Heater, Electric Cooker and TAB’S are strictly banned.

 19. Banned Items in the Hostel

  1. Hostellers are not permitted to consume alcoholic drinks in the hostel room nor shall they be in possession of any narcotics/ drugs. Those Hostellers found indulging in the same or in the possession of these items shall face severe disciplinary action.
  2. Smoking in hostel premises is strictly prohibited.
  3. Firearms, knives or such other weapons are strictly prohibited in the Hostel premises.

 20. Assistance / Meeting

  1. All hostellers are instructed to forward their request to Chief Warden / Warden/ Resident Warden for resolving their personal problems, if any, so far as it relates to inconvenience in either academic performance or in any administrative matter that is seriously affecting their moral, health and conduct in the hostel. The Hostellers can meet the Officers for this purpose from 4:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. in their office on all working days.
  2. The Hostellers can also consult their class counsellor for any such matter.
  3. In addition, a monthly meeting in the hostel shall be held to invite suggestions for improvement in the living condition of the hostel.

 21. Disciplinary Penalties:

  1. A Hosteller found to have violated any of Conduct & Discipline rules of the hostel will be subjected to the disciplinary penalties as decided by the competent authority.
    1. May be issued written / verbal warning.
    2. May be placed on conduct probation.
    3. May be asked to tender verbal / written public apology.
    4. May be asked to do community service.
    5. May be fined up to a sum of Rs. 5000/-.
    6. May be asked to call his / her parents.
    7. May be asked to make good any loss individually or jointly.
    8. May be expelled from hostel temporarily or permanently.
    9. The case may be referred to Institution Discipline Committee
    10. The case may be referred to Police.

 22. Procedure of Disciplinary Proceedings:

  1. If the appropriate authority is satisfied that a prima-facie case exists against the Hosteller, he/she may be suspended from the hostel, pending a final enquiry. The outcome of which is to be announced not later than 30 days from such a suspension. In case, the Hosteller is acquitted or the decision is delayed for more than 30 days such a suspension will stand revoked.
  2. The respective hostel resident warden will enquire all the cases of breach of hostel conduct rules pertaining to a hostel and take suitable action.
  3. In case of seriousness of breach of conduct rules so warrants, the resident warden of concerned hostel may request Warden / Chief Warden to constitute a committee to enquire and take suitable action, defined under Disciplinary Penalties.
  4. In case of the inter hostel dispute /conflicts a committee headed by Warden will take appropriate actions after enquiry.
  5.  The actions taken by above mentioned authorities/committees shall be reported to next Reviewing authority.
  6. While conducting the final enquiry the concerned authority will ensure that opportunity is given to the Hosteller to present his viewpoint. After the decision is conveyed to the Hosteller, he may request the concerned authority for its review. An appeal for pardon, remission, commutation, reprieve, and respite shall be with the Warden / Chief Warden as the case may be.
  7. Chief Warden / Dean (SW) may review action taken by Warden / Resident Warden / Asst Warden.

 23. Rights to Modify/ Alter

  1. All rules and regulations mentioned here are subject to revision and alteration from time to time at the sole discretion of the College Management.