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Department Committees


Dept. of Civil Engineering (CE)  
Staff-In-Charge, Dept Faculty Meeting Mrs. Beena Kumari
Staff-In-Charge, Dept Association Ms. Divia N.S
Staff-In-Charge, Industrial Visit Mrs. Seena S.B
Group Tutor-1 (S4) Mrs. Sabna Baiju
Group Tutor-2 (S4) Mrs. Seena S.B
Group Tutor-1 (S6) Mrs. Beena Kumari
Group Tutor-2 (S6) Ms. Divia N.S
Staff-In-Charge, Student Chapter  IE Mrs. Beena Kumari
Staff-In-Charge, Dept Store Mrs.Nisha P.R
Staff-In-Charge, Dept Library Mrs. Seena S.B
Member, Time table Committee Ms. Beena Kumari


Department Association  
Faculty In-charge Mr.Aneez.K
Joint Secretary  


Class Representative S6_CE (Boy) Mr. Shambu K Babu
Class Representative S6_CE (Girl) Ms. Remya P.R


Class Representative S4_CE (Boy) Mr. Sreejith Sankar K
Class Representative S4_CE (Girl) Ms. Shayama Sankar


Class Committee  (S6_CE)
Mr. Ashkad 
Ms. Divya Thambi
Mr. Rohith
Ms. Sreeshna
Mr. Mithin Karunakaran
Ms. Sariga Sagad


Class Committee  (S4_CE)
Mr. Ajmal Roshan
Ms. Deepa Joy
Mr. Abi Davidson
Ms. Chaithanya C
Mr. Arjun C.M
Ms. Sibila O.K